• How do you configure a VLAN?
    • vlan VLAN-NUMBER
         name VLAN-NAME
      interface NAME
      switchport mode access
      switchport access vlan
  • What is a dynamic VLAN? 
    • When a VLAN is assigned to a MAC address rather than a port.
  • What is an End-to-End VLAN?
    • When a VLAN is spanned the entire switch network, not only one switch block.
    • It is not recommended as the broadcast messages cause high CPU usage in the core layer. Also a broadcast storm could take down the whole campus.
  • What is the 80/20 rule?
    • Roughly it expects that 80% of traffic will stay in the local workgroup, whereas 20% is destined for a remote resource in the campus network.
  • What is the 20/80 rule?
    • 20% local, 80% remote
    • ie.: the users have to reach central resources
  • What is a local VLAN?
    • The VLANs stay within the switch block borders. In case of traffic which