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Inside Local  = A private IP in your network like
Inside Global  = A public IP which is in your network.
Outside Global  = The destination public IP
Outside Local  =A private IP address referencing an outside device (seen when NAT is used at the destination location).


Inside NAT – static

In example your company has a network of subnet. A 3rd party site is connected to the network and they do not want to modify their LAN network which has  subnet configured.

One solution is to configure inside NAT on the gateway:



ip nat inside source static
!Do not forget the "ip nat inside" and "ip nat outside" configurations



The NAT router must have static / dynamic routes to The router also need to advertise the IP to the WAN, so the other sites have routes to the destination network.

Be careful! Do not advertise the inside local subnet ( to the WAN.


Outside NAT – static





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